Soap Éclair

• Special AROMA series represents toilet soaps with esters of a unique collection of high perfume, simultaneously saturated with vitamins and minerals. These properties perfectly help in body care and give a unique scent that will envelop you every day.
• Fruit line of solid toilet soap in the complex contains extracts and essential oils of fruits such as lime, black currant, raspberry, strawberry, green pear, ripe plum, juicy pomegranate, mango, coconut and blackberry. The pleasant aroma and gentle moisturizing properties of the soap will give you an unforgettable feeling.
• The herbal series includes toilet soaps with essential oils and natural extracts of chamomile, orchid, patchouli, musk, iris, aloe vera, lily petals, olive and cucumber. This series is also enriched with a multivitamin complex and minerals, which allows you to perfectly care for the body, cleanse and impart a pleasant aroma.

Natura Humidification

(With natural refreshing blackberry extract)

Nutrition and Humidification

(With coconut extract and moisturizing milk)

Feeling Freshness

(With juicy fruit extracts)

Lime Splash

(With lime and mint extract)

Tenderness and Comfort

(With juicy plum extract)

Seductive Softness

(With juicy pomegranate and mango extracts)

Special Nutritious

(With strawberry extract)

Luxurious tenderness

(With aloe vera extract)

Balance and smoothness

(With chamomile extract and vitamin E)

Natural Freshness

(With extract green tea and cucumber)

Velvety skin

(With Lily Petal Extract)

Saturated hydration

(With olive extract and moisturizing milk)

Elegant softness

(With orchid extract)


(With extracts of green herbs and patchouli, musk and iris)


Angels dream

Cool blue

Dreamy violette blush

Pure strike

Pura cleance

Luxurious volume

 Natural Freshness

(With extract green tea and cucumber)


(Universal laundry soap)


(Universal laundry soap)