Spuma Balm-conditioner for hair

Enriched with fruit and plant extracts, a complex of vitamins and dietary supplements for all hair types. The balanced composition gives the hair a unique shine, silky smoothness and a feeling of freshness and cleanliness for a long time.

| Goat milk

Balm-conditioner with milk proteins intense care for the thin and damaged hair. Due to the vitamins C and Pro-B5 recovering damaged structure of keratin layer of hairs, reduce the drying phenomena in the hair.

| Kefir

Contains extract of whey comprising that stimulate metabolism, strengthen hair follicles. Multivitamin and liquid keratin complex invigorating effect on the structure of the hair.

| Green tea

Essential oil of bergamot acts with totally refreshing to hairs. Green tea extract and vitamin C neutralize the negative influence of air and strength natural protective properties of scalp and hairs.

| Aloe

Бальзам-Balm-conditioner with essential oil of aloe softness the greasy hair. Vitamins A, C, E has antioxidant action, protect health of hair, and strengthening hair’s natural protective properties.

| Burdock

Burdock root extract has softening and moisturizing effect, maintains the natural moisture of hair, gives shine and facilitates disentangling. Vitamins A, C, E have antioxidant effect, protecting the health of hair.

| Egg

Have a strengthening effect on the structure of the hair roots and thanks to liquid ceratin complex. Multivitamin complex complements the action of egg lecithin, providing shine and elasticity of hair and healthy roots.