Each of us, when using one or another product for skin and hair care, faced with such a problem as not choosing the right cosmetics for your hair or body skin. In this article, we will talk about the right choice of cosmetics for certain types of hair, skin. Cosmetics in Uzbekistan and products that are in the marketplaces pleases the eye with their quality and prices. But before you buy products for hair and skin care, we must learn how to choose the right cosmetics for yourself.

Choose cosmetics for hair:

Earlier in the articles we talked about the right choice of hair colors, now we will talk about cosmetics that restore and will be useful for your hair. When choosing creams or shampoos for hair, you sometimes neglect the fact that you do not pay attention to the labels on the products, as a result, you can get harm to your hair. When cosmetics are chosen correctly, your hair will not only transform externally, but also strengthen from the inside. .

First of all, you should carefully look at the type of product, for what type of hair it is intended. Secondly, you should at least briefly read the instructions, since if you do not choose the right one, the damage to the hair structure has a large percentage than other cosmetics, for example, than skin care products, in most cases there is an allergy to the drug, the hair may fall off, and the scalp may turn red. Third, pay attention to the composition, for example, antibacterial chemicals that are part of shampoos, that is, selenium derivatives, can be harmful to sensitive scalp. Fourth, pay attention to the fact that most manufacturers do not correctly use such components as ammonium lauryl sulfate, which, if incorrectly balanced in the composition of cosmetics, can negatively affect your scalp health and, of course, the hair itself. The same goes for sodium laureth sulfate, which destroys hair protein and contributes to the deterioration of hair structures.

Choosing cosmetics for the face

You should understand that such cosmetics are designed not only to improve the appearance, but mainly to ensure that it is healthy. When you choose the right face cosmetics for you, it provides you with a healthy and gorgeous look of the face, while cleaning the face from unnecessary problems. But, most people buying products from popular manufacturers think that it should be perfect and suitable for all skin types. At the same time, forgetting that not correctly selected cosmetics can lead to negative consequences, for example, in most cases, allergic reactions occur, which can affect your health.

First of all, you should pay attention to the inscription that indicates that this product is suitable for a particular type of person. Secondly, you need to read the instructions and notifications that this product has certain side effects. Most buyers do not do this, while neglecting their health. Third, it is very important to pay attention to the inscription “Micro or Nano elements” this applies mainly to cosmetics for the skin of the face, since scientists have not yet developed such means in which there would be nano elements that would treat your skin in a coded way. It’s all a myth and a marketing gimmick. Fourth, remember that such products are very suitable for the face, which include ingredients and extracts of strawberries, raspberries and olives. Use less cosmetics that contain lemon extracts, as the properties of lemon are mainly useful for the skin of the hands and feet, which contribute to a toning and tightening effect that promotes active blood circulation in the body.

We buy high-quality cosmetics and not expensive.

Everyone likes it when the product is high-quality and at the same time it is not expensive. But alas, in the world of cosmetics, this does not happen, either you buy general health products for the skin or hair, or you spend your money to strengthen a particular spectrum of your skin. Why does a narrow range of products cost more? It seems logical to buy general-purpose products. But, as you have already found out about the fact that the skin of your body falls on a particular type of skin, and not every product is suitable for you.And yet, why is cosmetics that are designed for a particular type of hair or skin so expensive? Because there are more chemical and natural elements in such products. For example, instead of 4 components, there are 20 of them in such cosmetics, and very complex chemical compounds are used to create which took quite a few funds and materials. Rather than creating a general complex product. But what to do, so as not to spend extra money and at the same time use very high-quality and specific cosmetics.

The first tip is to buy products from a local manufacturer (which already has good reviews).The factors that affect the price are the popularity of the company and the products, so the best option is the products of a local manufacturer or the CIS, read the reviews about this product, pay close attention to the composition of the product, if the components do not differ, then basically the product that is cheaper is better than its branded predecessor. Since not all European companies use natural ingredients.

The second tip — more does not mean cheaper! That is, you should not pay attention to the volume, since the products you buy may not be suitable for other members of your family and the extra volume will simply go to scrap. It is better to buy products with a large volume of general profile. And most large companies do not exceed the concentration per volume, which means that if at 10ml 50 % of the elements, then with an increase in volume, this number will not be, there will be a maximum of 30-40%.

In Uzbekistan, the most optimal prices are available for products from the company Éclair Cosmetic. At the same time, the composition of the products in terms of quality is recognized as the best in the world and has a gold award for product quality in 2015, which was presented in France. Cosmetics in Uzbekistan and its industry is developing very rapidly in the country, and the availability of these products pleases consumers, both local and foreign countries.