Day: April 13, 2022

Elett – Color balm

Elett - Color balm Elett color balm is prepared for color-treated and natural hair. Provides rich shine and long-lasting bright color without unevenness, and eliminates yellowness. The active components of the product act effectively and gently, without damaging the hair structure, thereby maintaining their natural hydro balance. 9.1- Ash blonde 4.56-Ripe cherry 9.6-Pearl 4.65-Bordeaux...


Elett – Hair color-cream

Hair color-cream Elett Permanent hair color cream Elett is a new hair coloring formula in a easy access package with antioxidant protection for hair coloration. Hair color cream dye perfectly hair along its entire length in bright and natural colors, paints gray hair as much as possible, moisturize hair and even out color, stimulate collagen formation. 1.0-Black 1.1-Bluish black 3.0-Dark brown 3.6-Aubergine 3.7-Black chocolate 4.56-Dark cherry 4.6-Beaujolais 4.7-Chestnut 5.0-Chocolate 5.5-Pomegranate 6.0-Dark blonde 7.0-Medium...